HealthCampDC – The buzz

Over 100 people converged on the Kaiser Permanente Center For Total Health on Monday June 4th for

The day was buzzing starting with a firestarter talk from Hal Wolf of the Permanente Federation. This was then followed by a series of fast paced 4×4 (four slides in four minutes) presentations from 14 presenters.

Our participants were drawn from all different backgrounds but they all applied a tremendous amount of passion to changing health care. Here is some of the commentary from the day:

The Disruptive Women in Health Care Blog put together a great Storify stream. Ted Eytan also published a great blog post with a slew of superb photos from HealthCampDC and the Walking Gallery.

Update: Even more photos from HealthCampDC


Opening Session with Mark Scrimshire @ekivemark

And people were tweeting up a storm. We reached over 250,000 people and generated over 3.1 million Tweet impressions via the #HCDC hashtag.

TweetReach Report for HealthCampDC





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Disruptive Women unite in Health Care

We have over 100 people registered to participate in amongst them we have some Disruptive Women in Health Care.

Robin Strongin, President and CEO of Amplify Public Affairs and Founder and Creator of the Disruptive Women in Health Care blog will be presenting one of the 4x4s.

We also have Regina Holliday, the tireless artist and Patient Advocate and organizer of The Walking Gallery joining us. All in all everyone should be in for a really thought provoking day.



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I just got a sneak peak at some of our 4x4s

Monday June 4th at the Kaiser Permanente Center For Total Health is going to be fascinating. How do I know? I just got a sneak peak at some of the 4×4 presentations! That’s how!

David Yakimischak, Senior VP and General Manager of ePrescribing at Surescripts will be presenting about Quality Management in the e-Prescribing world.

For those of you in Health Care that love big data stats I am sure there will be some treats in store for you. I am going to be fascinated to see how David can bring his wealth of Technology and HealthCare experience gained over the past 25 years and condense it in to just four minutes. Have your questions ready and may be you can persuade David to stick around and lead a discussion session later in the day at HealthCamp. After all, it is you the participants that will be setting the agenda as a collaborative effort immediately after the 4×4 presentations.



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What is in store on June 4th?

Would you like to get an sneak preview of what is in store for participants at HealthCampDC on Monday June 4th at Kaiser Permanente’s Center For Total Health?

Check out the draft of the information guide we will have available….




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More innovators sign on to HealthCampDC

We are delighted to welcome the following sponsors to

Audax Health – The Washington DC-based startup that is the power behind Careverge, an innovative platform for consumer engagement that draws people in to a lifetime of healthier living.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, after enjoying a recent HealthFoo that was supported by RWJF we are delighted to welcome them to HealthCamp – the open Health Un-conference.

Videntity Systems. Videntity is the power behind a range of Open Source Health solutions and is a developer of open health software solutions.


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Are you coming on June 4th? sponsor and present a 4×4

HealthCampDC is just one week away! Spread the word! We still have some tickets available

We are gearing up for an amazing day at the Kaiser Permanente Center For Total Health.
After the initial welcome and Introductions we are going to host a series of 4×4 presentations. These 4x4s are open to participants holding Sponsor level tickets (Entrepreneur level and above). We will also reserve a few slots for patient advocates to tell their story.

If you plan to present a 4×4 it is time to put the finishing touches to your 4×4 Presentation and take these immediate actions:

– Immediately send an email with the title of your 4×4 you plan to present. See the guidelines at the bottom of this post (email to mark+dc [AT] HealthCA [dot] mp )
– Submit your presentation to us by Noon on Friday June 1st

This post will provide you with advice and guidance in your preparations and also to solicit your input so that we can plan and group the presentations around particular themes.

First some background:
What is a 4×4? 

It is a short presentation using 4 slides that are presented in 4 minutes.

You may supply a cover slide that identifies:
– Title of the presentation
– Presenter’s Name and Organization
– Contact information (eg. email address)
– URL to slides (if posted on line eg. on Slideshare)
The FOUR slides forming the presentation itself are to be presented in just FOUR minutes.
The slides follow a standard pattern:
Slide 1: What is the problem/challenge
Slide 2: What are you doing to deal with the problem/challenge
Slide 3: What don’t you know / What did you discover / What do you need help with (you can cover any or all of these aspects)
Slide 4: Why did you take on this challenge (We have found so many entrepreneurs who are driven to address a health care problem by events that have impacted themselves, friends or family)
We will be grouping 4x4s in to groups of 3 – 6. This gives us the capacity to handle up to 16-20 4x4s by utilizing all of the available rooms. A moderator will be assigned to each room. They will keep the presenters to their 4 minute time slot.
Presentations will be given back to back after which the Moderator will open up to questions from the other participants in the room. We expect this dialogue, where the presenters effectively form a panel to address the Q&A, will drive discussion and those discussions could form the basis of ongoing conversations that can be slotted in to the day’s agenda at the collaborative agenda setting that will immediately follow the 4×4 sessions.
What can you put on the slides?
You can include animation, video or audio – the only real hard and fast rule is the 4 minute time limit.
Do the slides have to be fancy or complex?
No – You can make the slides really simple. eg. Slide 1 – PROBLEM STATEMENT, Slide 2 – PLAN, Slide 3 – LESSONS LEARNED, Slide 4 – My story. You don’t have to explain or include all the bullet points on the slide, instead you can simply speak to the slide titles during your presentation.
What formats can you use for your presentation:
You can provide your presentation in any of the following formats:
– PowerPoint
– Keynote
After HealthCampDC we will be converting all slide decks to PDF and publishing on the site.
When must slides be delivered?
– We need to receive a copy of your finished slides by Noon on Friday June 1st. This will allow us time to group slides in to sets for each room/theme.
 Who is giving a 4×4?
The 4x4s are a feature that enables the innovative sponsors who are supporting HealthCampDC to talk about the exciting innovations they are involved in. Priority will be given to sponsors for the available 4×4 slots. If there are still slots available patient advocates may put forward 4x4s to present.

We are keeping the official 4×4 session to a series of parallel tracks that run for 1 hour immediately after the Firestarter talk and before the collaborative Agenda setting.

Other opportunities to present?
The nature of HealthCamp is that the participants define the agenda on the day. If there are a group of non-sponsor participants who wish to present a 4×4 there is nothing preventing those prospective presenters from suggest a time slot on the days agenda and pulling together a series of 4x4s.
We need some help from you:
We want to group similar 4x4s together so that we create a series of themed tracks. Consequently, we need to know the theme that your 4×4 supports. We are identifying potential themes in a list below.

However, you can also respond to this email with the title of your 4×4 presentation AND a list of 2 or 3 words that will help us categorize the presentation in to a themed track.

So here are the currently proposed themes:

– Patient/Consumer Engagement
– Provider Community
– Research and Development/Health IT
What other ways should we categorize the 4x4s? We are open to suggestions.


Date: Monday, June 4, 2012 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (ET)

Kaiser Permanente Center For Total Health
700 2nd St, NE
Washington, DC DC

For more information click here:


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One Week to go till June 4th and HealthCampDC

We are one week from at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health. Grab your ticket today.


Kaiser Permanente
Center for Total Health
700 Second St. NE
Washington, DC 20002



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We are Sure…

We are delighted to welcome Surescripts, the national e-prescription network, as a benefactor level sponsor of HealthCampDC.

You can join Surescripts and our other innovative sponsors for a highly interactive day of discussion, brainstorming and networking. Grab a ticket to HealthCamp DC today, or join them as a sponsor!


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Welcoming Disruptive Women!

We are delighted to welcome Robin Strongin and her team to and the Walking Gallery on Monday June 4th.

Amplify Public Affairs

Amplify Public Affairs

Amplify ( is a woman-owned, full service public affairs firm that takes pride in our creativity and responsiveness. Boilerplate writing and cookie-cutter strategies have no place at Amplify. We make your cause our own and make it our responsibility to absorb every detail and nuance of what you want to achieve. Then, we take your message and we do what comes naturally. We amplify it. This approach has enabled us to influence public opinion, gain nationwide media coverage, achieve legislative victories, and ultimately, amplify our clients’ success beyond what they thought possible. The strategic assets for which Amplify is widely respected include: creative communications strategies, thought leadership, public education/issue campaigns, digital services and strategic alliances. When it comes to connecting with your critical audiences, our reach stretches from the conventional to the cutting edge. Please visit our blog, Disruptive Women in Health Care (

Disruptive Women in Health Care

Disruptive Women in Health Care

From its very outset, the Disruptive Women ( blog stated that its mission was “to serve as a platform for provocative ideas, thoughts, and solutions in the health sphere.” Now in its fourth year, the blog has not only achieved its stated mission, but exceeded it. Disruptive Women has become an online destination for innovative thinking on exciting health trends and current health policy issues. The Disruptive Women blog has become a thought leader and influencer in its own right, receiving numerous awards and accolades including being named “one of the top health policy blogs” by HealthTech and a “Fierce Female Healthcare Blog To Watch” by Fierce Healthcare. Today, there are nearly 100 global contributors, including former Members of Congress and other elected officials, health professionals, technology leaders, patient advocates, medical researchers, economists and thought leaders. This stellar roster continues to grow with more individuals whose provocative ideas and eye-opening insights make them Disruptive Women. The Disruptive Women blog, which also features a regular Man of the Month post, continues to evolve by addressing today’s pressing health care issues with innovative and exciting thematic posts, e-books and in-person events. Disruptive Women is a project conceived of and owned by Amplify Public Affairs.


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The Official DC Health Data And Innovation Week Proclamation

It is official. June 2-7th, 2012 is D.C. Health Data and Innovation Week in Washington, DC. Major Vincent Gray has proclaimed it as such.

Join thousands of other Health Care professionals, Patient Advocates and Innovators who are heading to the Nation’s capital for a week of collaboration, demonstration and innovation.

2012 DC Health Data and Innovation Week Proclamation


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