Have you ever wanted to take charge of a 4×4?

At HealthCa.mp/DC we are planning an exciting series of quick fire presentations combined with discussion. Welcome to the 4×4.

4 Slides in 4 Minutes.

What would you say?

Slide 1: What is the problem you are addressing?
Slide 2: How have you done something to improve this situation?
Slide 3: Help you could use to make more progress, solve challenges, what don’t you know?
Slide 4: Why are you doing this? What drives you to tackle this challenge?

How can you get involved and present a 4×4?

Sign up for an entrepreneur, innovator or supporter ticket and then send an email to mark AT healthca.mp with your name, title of your 4×4 and a short 1 paragraph outline of your talk. You can also optionally include a picture so we can feature you in a blog post on this site.




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Health and Cloud Technologist and Chief Instigator for Non-Profit Foundation Empowering Health Care - HealthCa.mp
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