Open Letter to Sponsors

Link your brand with cutting Edge Healthcare Innovation

Since 2008 HealthCamp events have brought together thousands of thought leaders to engage in and discuss healthcare innovation. HealthCamp attracts participants from the entire spectrum of healthcare including hospitals, insurers and research organizations, entrepreneurs and developers, doctors and nurses, patients and patient advocates, academics, federal, state and local government. With broad industry appeal, HealthCamp events provide sponsors with a great platform to associate their brand with cutting edge innovation.

Why participate in HealthCamp?

The unexpected always happens at HealthCamp! It’s a safe environment to generate and share ideas because each HealthCamp event is shaped directly by it’s participants. The agenda is actually created at the beginning of the day and, as a sponsor, you have the opportunity to influence what topics are discussed. Think of it as being able to host an “instant focus group” on a topic you are interested in.

What is discussed at HealthCamp doesn’t just stay at HealthCamp – a typical one day event generates 1-2+ million tweet impressions, but more importantly garners the intense focus of industry thought leaders.

Support HealthCamp as a Sponsor

We are always looking for headline sponsors to help HealthCamp become a reality for our participants. Headline sponsorships are available for $6,000 and would associate your organization with other Industry leaders, such as Kaiser Permanente, the hosts for HealthCampDC and HealthCampSFBay. Please contact me directly to discuss the how we can make HealthCamp work best for you
(email: mark [AT] healthca [dot] mp).

We also offer several tiered sponsorships, which can be secured by simply purchasing a sponsor ticket with your credit card. Just follow the link to the Calendar, select the event that interests you and then go to the Ticket page on the relevant HealthCamp event site.

For Washington DC on June 4th go to is an integral part of Washington DC’s Health Innovation Week.

For HealthCampSFBay on October 5th go to is part of San Francisco’s Health Innovation Week.

As a sponsor you also enjoy the opportunity to present a 4×4 – which is a presentation format where four slides are presented in four minutes followed by an interactive dialogue with participants in the session. This is a great way to showcase some of the exciting developments that you are working on to improve healthcare.

To see the setting for HealthCampDC check out

To see the setting for HealthCampSFBay check out the virtual tour of the Kaiser Permanente Sidney R. Garfield Innovation Center: ( virtual/).



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