Code around the Camp FHIR

Code-a-thon APIs

A number of APIs and data sources are available to participants:

  • CMS BlueButton API
    • The CMS BlueButton data API is a prototype API that contains synthetic data. The content of the structured data formats will undoubtedly change between now and the formal launch but the API is usable by teams to demonstrate how Medicare Beneficiary Patient Profiles and their associated claims information can be pulled via the API and used to develop applications that will help Medicare beneficiaries manage their health more effectively.
    • We have created 10,000+ user accounts with synthetic data. The list of accounts with passwords is available here:
    • For a use case scenario on using the API check out the Get My Data Page


  • CMS Medicare Data Files
  • Edifecs Provider API
  • Medfusion API
    • Below contains information about accessing the Medfusion Plus REST APIs in the Sandbox environment.

      The example URLs in the documentation name our production systems, so you will need to substitute the Sandbox host names where appropriate: for the IdP and for the Plus REST API and Plus Directory Web App.

      For OAuth2 access please use the following Client information: We have a list of Client ID and Client Secrets available for contestants to use during the event.

      In addition to the Health Data sections mentioned in the API document, we also have the following end points available:

      • GET /rest/v1/users/{userUuid}/profiles/{profileId}/resources/ALERTSv1
      • GET /rest/v1/users/{userUuid}/profiles/{profileId}/resources/CONDITIONSv1
      • GET /rest/v1/users/{userUuid}/profiles/{profileId}/resources/IMMUNIZATIONSv1
      • GET /rest/v1/users/{userUuid}/profiles/{profileId}/resources/VITAL_SIGNSv1

      Since we are using OAuth2 for authorization, we will need to update your client account with a redirect URL for your application. As a current default, I specified https://localhost:8080/plus_redir. Please let me know if you want me to change this to something else.

    • email for more information.




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