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Postponed:Proposed, Baltimore Sept 15-16

May 31, 2016 By: ekivemark Category: News

[Editor’s Note: In my current role supporting CMS on the BlueButton on FHIR project I am limited in organizing events. Therefore, We must postpone the proposed 2nd code-a-thon until an organization steps forward to help handle the logistics and financial aspects of such an event. If your organization would like to step into that role to support in organizing future events please email me: mark AT HealthCa DOT mp]

We are currently evaluating the feasibility of holding another FHIR Code-a-thon. This will be another opportunity to get hands on with the latest updates to the CMS BlueButton on FHIR data API.

HL7 International is coming to Baltimore for the next round of Workgroup meetings. The BlueButton team at CMS is looking for partners to help hold a Code-a-thon on the two days prior to the Workgroup meeting.

One of the uses of the CMS BlueButton on FHIR data API is for beneficiaries to choose to share their Medicare claims information with researchers. Consequently we are looking to host the September 15-16th FHIR Code-a-thon with a focus on creating solutions for the research community.

We are looking for partners to make this Code-a-thon happen. What do we need:

  1. A location (with good Internet access)
  2. Food and drink sponsors
  3. Marketing support and prize money sponsors

If you can help with any of these items we would love to talk with you. Please email me at




Thanks for a Great

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Please be patient… This page may take a while to load due to the large number of photos in the Slideshow. took place on April 1st and 2nd, 2016 in Washington, DC. The opening day was held in the Great Hall of the Department of Health and Human Services and was kicked off by Susannah Fox, Chief Technology Officer – HHS.

The event saw the first public access to a prototype CMS BlueButton on FHIR data API. The objective of the event was for teams to create applications that would put a beneficiary’s claims data to use for their better health. You can follow the progress of the CMS BlueButton Team by subscribing at

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors for making the event a fabulous success.

  • Surescripts

  •, Inc.

  • Medfusion

  • HHS IDEA Lab

  • Edifecs

  • NewWave Telecoms and Technologies

  • NavHealth

Over 80 people attended and 12 teams submitted projects built during the two-day event.

The Winners were:

  • @POC

We had a tie for Runner-up:

  • NavHealth

  • UBeWell (Humetrix)

Here is a slideshow from the event:



Welcome to the On FHIR Code-a-Thon #hconFHIR #HealthDataPalooza

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We have a slack channel!

Email from the email you want invited to the Slack Channel.

Welcome to the On FHIR Code-a-thon!

UPDATE: Prize money is now available!

First prize is $3,000 and second place wins $1,000.

We are planning a mashup of Public and Private Sector Healthcare developers who are working with the hottest API in health care: the open source FHIR API. To get more background on the code-a-thon you can check out the IDEALab Blog. If you are working with FHIR we want to know. You can tell us by filling out a quick survey ( ).


What is FHIR (pronounced “Fire“)?  The Fast Health Interoperability Resources specification is an open source, developer-friendly API for exchanging data in healthcare. FHIR brings together friendly REST APIs and structured data formats. FHIR is managed by the International HL7 standards organization. FHIR and the FHIR logo is trademark of, and licensed by, Health Level Seven International.

What is is a two-day code-a-thon being held in conjunction with the HealthDataPalooza (to be held from May 7-11, 2016 in Washington DC).  This event is where developers from Federal and State-based organizations come together with Entrepreneurs, startups and research organizations to build cool solutions that leverage the HL7 FHIR API.

Come on your own or come as a team. Spend two days developing an innovative solution that uses FHIR and you could win a spot to present your work at the HealthDataPalooza in Washington DC in May 2016.

Where and When is taking place? is taking place in Washington, DC on April 1st and 2nd, 2016. Day One takes place in the Great Hall of the Hubert Humphrey building: The HQ of the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Day two is being held at the offices of 1776DC – a prominent HealthCare startup in Washington DC.


We are delighted to welcome Surescripts and AEGIS as our Platinum level sponsors for
Surescripts - Platinum Sponsor  AEGIS - Platinum Sponsor

Why not join them as a sponsor. See our sponsor page here.

What does it cost? is free to Federal employees and members of the 1776 DC Incubator but advance registration is required. There will be a nominal charge for other participants to cover food, refreshments and associated costs at 1776 DC on Day 2.

Register Now!

Sponsorship and donation opportunities are also available for organizations wanting to support this public-private partnership event.