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HealthCamp Arizona: Help us plan an event in 2012 .

Welcome to HealthCamp!
HealthCamp is the leading international network of Health Care related un-conferences focused on empowered engagement in health.

Health Camp AZ engages  local and national health care leaders to come together to openly discuss the issues most prevalent to today’s healthcare needs.

HealthCamp is different
In the complex world of Health Care filled with all manner of experts and specialists the patient is an outsider. The health care industry itself is still anchored in a non-digital paradigm and largely operates in silos with rigid interactions and limited communication between silos. This is even evident in the vast majority of expensive conferences that health care professionals attend.

HealthCamps are events where people from all walks of life both inside and outside health care are encouraged to participate together. The diversity of experience brings eye opening insights to problems and stimulates

“At traditional conferences You…

  • Know the agenda well in advance,
  • Pay a lot of money to attend,
  • Sit through sales pitches,
  • Suffer ʻDeath by PowerPoint.ʼ

Yet you continue to attend because the value of the event comes from the corridor conversations.

HealthCamp is different. HealthCamp is those corridor conversations that you remember.”

HealthCamp’s Mark Scrimshire on Access to Health Information

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