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The 4x4s

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Last week at HealthCampRDU we ran a 4×4 session prior to agenda setting.

The 4×4 is Four slides in Four Minutes. 
The slides have the following elements:
Slide 1: What is the problem you are addressing?
Slide 2: What have you done to improve this situation?
Slide 3: What are your roadblocks/what don’t you know/Where would you like help?
Slide 4: Who are you and what drew you to tackle this challenge?
For HealthCampRDU we ran three rooms in parallel. 
Room 1: Focusing around consumers and patients
Room 2: Provider Engagement
Room 3: Provider Tools and Health IT
Here are the 4x4s:

1_1_Squag_4x4 Presentation.pdf Download this file

1_2x_AutismSociety_Health Conference Slides.pdf Download this file

1_3_Susan Helm-Murtagh-BCBSNC.pdf Download this file

1_4x_Audax.pdf Download this file

1_5_analyticsforhealthacare.pdf Download this file

1_6x_Capstrat_Healthcamp RDU PPT Final.pdf Download this file

1_7_ MedThink_TheImperfectConversation 1 1.pdf Download this file

2_1_StevenKeith-SeeMoreImproveMore.pdf Download this file

2_2_KMHealthCaring5.pdf Download this file

2_3_RTI_HCRDU.4×4.Hubal.pdf Download this file

Download this file

3_1x_StrategicImaging.pdf Download this file

3_2x_Therasim-DRAFT.pdf Download this file

3_3x_Time Warner Healthcare 4×4.pdf Download this file

3_4_LifeSigns_HealthCamp.pdf Download this file

3_5x_Advance2000 Health Camp RDU.pdf Download this file


Photos from HealthCampRDU

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Here are photos from HealthCampRDU held at Marbles Kid Museum on Wednesday May 23rd.




Today’s 4x4s

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At 9:45 this morning we will be presenting a series of 4×4 presentations.

We have a Consumer facing track and two provider facing tracks (Provider Community and Provider Tools).
Here is the line up:


Venture Hall: Group 1
Consumer/Patient Engagement

Sara Winter – Squag (Remote presentation) – What is Squag?
Autism Society – Your Next Patient has Autism
Henry DePhillips/Derek Zabbia – Audax – Personalized Health
Susan Helm-Murtagh – BCBSNC – How can we engage consumers in improving their Health
Stephen Blackwielder – Analytics for Healthcare
Karen Allbritton – Capstrat – Patient Provider Communications
Rob Lytle – MedThink – The Imperfect Conversation

Zanzibar A: Group 2
Provider Community

Steven Keith – Centerline – Rewiring the Cutlure: The More we can see, The More We can Improve
Kathryn McLellan – Nightingale – Health Caring
Robert Hubai – RTI – Health-based Studies of situational Assessment
Mitch Strobin – – What Medication Adherence is Telling Us – But are we listening?
Patrick Harris – PatEx – Building a Care Continuum through Satisfaction

Zanzibar B: Group 3
Provider Tools

Dr. John Feole – Strategic Imaging – Teleradiology – A Room with a view 
David Hadden – Therasom – Transforming Care Through Predictive Assessment and Training
Kevin McAuliffe – Time Warner Busines Class Cable – Business Class Healthcare Solutions
Sherry Burchett – Lifesigns – The Corporate Prescription for Health: Prevention Focused Employee Wellness
Chris France – Advance 2000 – HealthCare meets the Cloud  

Any late arriving presentations will be allocated to Group 4 and will take place in the Venture Hall B, The classroom alongside the main Venture Hall.

Venture Hall B: Group 4


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HealthCamp Schedule

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When participants arrive at on Wednesday May 23rd at the Marbles Kids Museum they will be able to pick up a handout to help them organize their day.

The handout provides information about:

  • The overall schedule
  • A place for you to write in the sessions you plan to attend
  • Wi-Fi access information
  • Hashtag and twitter information – #hcrdu and @healthcampRDU

If you want a sneak preview – here is the Handout: HealthCampRDU Schedule and Hand Out





Start Cultivating the Care Culture Early!

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HealthCampRDU officially begins Wednesday morning, but let’s start the conversation early at the

#HCRDU Tweetup social Tuesday, May 22.

Come network with health industry experts, thought leaders, practitioners, and consumers prior to the day-long conference.


Drinks and hors d’oeuvres will be served from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. at MedThink Communications.

For directions: .

View Larger Map



Preparing for the 4x4s

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[Note: This is a note sent to the Innovators who are planning to present 4x4s at WE are sharing it here as well so that participants can get some insight in to the day at HealthCamp.]
We are delighted to have a fascinating line up of innovators taking part in HealthCampRDU and the 4×4 presentation session is an important part of the day at HealthCamp! The sessions will help kick start that day’s discussions. Thank you for agreeing to be one of these innovators!

As we get closer to HealthCampRDU it is time to put the finishing touches to the 4×4 Presentations.  This email is to provide you with advice and guidance in your preparations and also to solicit your input so that we can plan and group the presentations around particular themes. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to drop me an email.
What we need from you:
By Thursday May 17th – Let us know which category you think your 4×4 best fits.
If you find that you are unable to present on May 23rd please let us know so we can adjust the 4×4 sessions accordingly. There are no hard feelings! You can always send us a copy of your slides and a write up and we can post to the site.
First some background:
Q:What is a 4×4?
It is a short presentation using 4 slides that are presented in 4 minutes.
You may supply a cover slide that identifies:
– Title of the presentation
– Presenter’s Name and Organization
– Contact information (eg. email address)
– URL to slides (if posted on line eg. on Slideshare)
The FOUR slides forming the presentation itself are to be presented in just FOUR minutes.
Q: Do the slides follow a standard format?
Yes, The slides follow a standard pattern – but the template and design is up to you
These are the four slides:
Slide 1: What is the problem/challenge
Slide 2: What are you doing to deal with the problem/challenge
Slide 3: What don’t you know / What did you discover / What do you need help with (you can cover any or all of these aspects)
Slide 4: Why did you take on this challenge (We have found so many entrepreneurs who are driven to address a health care problem by events that have impacted themselves, friends or family)
Q:How are we organizing the 4x4s?
We will be grouping 4x4s in to groups of 3 or 4. This gives us the capacity to handle up to 16 4x4s by utilizing all of the available rooms. A moderator will be assigned to each room. They will keep the presenters to their 4 minute time slot.
Presentations will be given back to back after which the Moderator will open up to questions from the other participants in the room. We expect this dialogue, where the presenters effectively form a panel to address the Q&A, will drive discussion and those discussions could form the basis of ongoing conversations that can be slotted in to the day’s agenda at the collaborative agenda setting that will immediately follow the 4×4 sessions.
Q:What can you put on the slides?
You can include animation, video or audio – the only real hard and fast rule is the 4 minute time limit.
Q:Do the slides have to be fancy or complex?
No – You can make the slides really simple. eg. Slide 1 – PROBLEM STATEMENT, Slide 2 – PLAN, Slide 3 – LESSONS LEARNED, Slide 4 – My story. You don’t have to explain or include all the bullet points on the slide, instead you can simply speak to the slide titles during your presentation.
Q:What formats can you use for your presentation:
You can provide your presentation in any of the following formats:
– PowerPoint
– Keynote
– Prezzi
Q:When must slides be delivered?
– We need to receive a copy of your finished slides by 9:00am on Tuesday May 22nd. This will allow us time to group slides in to sets for each room/theme.
Q:Who is giving a 4×4?
The 4x4s are a feature that enables the innovative sponsors who are supporting HealthCampRDU to talk about the exciting innovations they are involved in. Priority will be given to sponsors for the available 4×4 slots. If there are still slots available other participants may put forward 4x4s to present. We are keeping the official 4×4 session to a series of parallel tracks that run for 1 hour immediately after the Firestarter talk and before the collaborative Agenda setting. However, there is nothing preventing participants from organizing their own follow-up 4×4 sessions as part of the subsequent sessions.
Q: Are there Other opportunities to present?
The nature of HealthCamp is that YOU, the participants, define the agenda on the day. If there are a group of non-sponsor participants who wish to present a 4×4 there is nothing preventing those prospective presenters from suggesting a time slot on the days agenda and pulling together a series of 4x4s. We also expect the 4×4 sessions to stimulate discussion that you may want to continue during the rest of the day. Those discussion sessions will be placed on the agenda immediately after the 4×4 session.
We need some help from you:
We want to group similar 4x4s together so that we create a series of themed tracks. Consequently we need to know the theme that your 4×4 supports. I am identifying potential themes in a list below. However you can also respond to this email with the title of your 4×4 presentation AND a list of 2 or 3 words that will help us categorize the presentation in to a themed track. So here are the currently proposed themes:
– Patient Engagement
– Provider Community
– Research and Development
– Health IT?
IMPORTANT: Please let us know by Thursday May 17th which category your 4×4 best fits in to.
If you feel there is a better categorization that your 4×4 fits in to please let us know.
Q: Who is scheduled to deliver a 4×4 presentation:
Slot Company Person/Title Sponsor Title Grouping
1  Audax Henry DePhilips/Derek Zabbia Firestarter Personalized Health Consumer
2 Advance 2000 Chris France Innovator Healthcare Meets the Cloud Provider
3 StrategicImagingMD Dr. John Feole Innovator Teleradiology:  A Room with a View Provider
4 TheraSim David Hadden Entrepreneur Transforming Care Through Predictive Assessment & Realistic Training Provider
5 RTI International TBD Innovator Emerging Research Research
6 MedMonthly
7 CapStrat Working On Innovator Patient Perception Gap With Hospital Realities
8 MedThink Rob Lytle Innovator The Incomplete Conversation Consumer
9 LifeSignsMD Sherry Burchett Innovator There’s never been a more important time to incorporate prevention-focused employee wellness than now.” Consumer
10 Squag Sara Winter (Remote Presenter) Innovator What is Squag? Consumer
11 Time Warner Business Class Cable  Innovator Pending
12 UNC Michael Douglas Young, Dir. Of Telemed Guest Innovating Telemedicine Provider
13 PatEx Patrick Harris Guest Patient Care Software Provider
14 Mitch Strobin Telemed Provider
15 Stephen Blackwelder Analytics Provider
16 Nightingale Kathryn Maclennan

Health Caring
17 Center Line Steven Keith

Re-wiring the Culture – The More We Can See, The More We Can Improve

Please confirm the following information by Thursday May 17th. We would like to be able to post information about the 4x4s on Facebook and


Another place for kids…

May 14, 2012 By: ekivemark Category: News, sponsor

We are delighted to welcome Squag to the ranks of innovator sponsors of HealthCampRDU.

What Is SquagTM?

[skwag] a curated social space for kids with autism (and other learning differences) to build ideas about themselves.

Our goal is to facilitate the opportunity for organic relationships; driven by kids, supported by parents. What could be better?


CEO Sara Winter will be presenting a 4×4 at HealthCampRDU via a video link. We are looking forward to hearing about the exciting things Squag has been doing to help kids with learning difficulties.

Why not join us on Wednesday May 23rd to hear what Sara has to say.  Get your ticket today. (




Background to the day’s events at HealthCamp

May 10, 2012 By: ekivemark Category: News

See yesterday’s post  for some insights into how HealthCamp is different from your average Health Care event. 
What are these 4×4 sessions and how do they work?
We really value the contributions of our sponsors in making HealthCamp possible. Their support is invaluable in keeping the event accessible to Patient Advocates, students and other innovators that may not have the depth of resources that many established Health Care companies have.  These sponsors also tend to be organizations that are doing innovative things in Health Care, or are connected with organizations and people that are innovating. The 4x4s are designed to give our sponsors an opportunity to explain about the fascinating developments they are involved in using a short, fast-paced format.
Slide 1: What is the problem you are addressing?
Slide 2: What have you done to improve this situation?
Slide 3: What are your roadblocks/what don’t you know/Where would you like help?
Slide 4: Who are you and what drew you to tackle this challenge?
We will group a number of 4x4s together and a moderator will keep the presentations to the 4 minute time slot. We will have a number of rooms running 4x4s in parallel. This means that the HealthCamp participants will have to choose the 4×4 theme that they want to attend. We are allocating an hour for the 4×4 sessions. So we intend that the moderators in each room will coordinate Question and Answer sessions or open discussion that builds on the content of the 4x4s. Effectively the presenters will form a panel and enter in to active discussions with the participants in the room.
We expect the 4x4s to stimulate plenty of discussion, but with only 30-40 minutes for discussion we are also expecting participants to want to continue to explore some of the topics. That is where the collaborative agenda setting comes in.
How does the Agenda setting work?
After the 4×4 session all the participants will gather in the main room and we will then construct the agenda for the rest of the day. Any participant is free to propose an Agenda topic. We will have three 55 minute sessions during the rest of day with four rooms available. That means we can host 12 discussions, although nothing is preventing participants from breaking off in to smaller groups and finding space for a smaller discussion group.
We will ask people to write up a title for their proposed discussion topic, together with their name (or twitter handle). People will then queue up and announce their topic (with brevity!) to the other participants and go and place the their topic in a room and time slot on the agenda wall. There then will be a brief period where people with similar interests will get together. This is where we see the participants merge topics or create a stream for the day, where discussions flow through a series of sessions.
Then at around 11:30 we will break out in to the first of the sessions for the day.
Check back tomorrow for more insights in to how HealthCamp works.


HealthCampRDU – A different kind of Health Care Event

May 08, 2012 By: ekivemark Category: News

As HealthCampRDU took shape a series of discussions amongst the organizing team delved in to how HealthCamp events work. To help participants get a flavor in advance of the event we are recording some of those discussions here and in subsequent posts.

Why is HealthCamp different from other Health Care conferences and events?
HealthCamp is different because while we may set a theme for the day, the content of the Agenda is not set until the day of the event with direct, active participation from the participants that are there on the day.
What is the emphasis for day? Are you expecting people to bring PowerPoint Presentations?
Yes and No. The major part of the day is about discussions between the participants. However, we are planning to start the day off with two sessions that will get the conversation going. We will start the day off with a short “Firestarter” talk by the team from Audax Health Solutions. This is a 10-15 minute talk intended to get people thinking, challenge assumptions and open people to the possibility of change in Health Care.
We are following that opening Firestarter talk with an hour of 4×4 presentations combined with discussion. Then everyone will come back to the main hall and define the agenda for the rest of the day where the focus is on people sharing experiences and ideas in open discussion.
To learn more about the 4×4 presentations check out the 4×4 page or check back tomorrow for another post in this series that helps you understand more about the unique experience that is HealthCamp.



How does HealthCamp Work?

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I frequently get asked how HealthCamp works and what makes it different. To give you a hint of what is in store at HealthCampRDU here are our “Rules.”

HealthCamp Rules

HealthCamp Rules




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