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This FAQ page is for participants in the FHIR Code-a-thon.

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Q: Do I need to bring anything with me as identification when attending the Code-a-thon?

A: Yes. Please bring a government issued Photo Id with you. e.g. A state Drivers License or a US Passport. You will need this to show to the security guards in the lobby of the Hubert Humphrey Building.

Q: I am not a US Citizen or Resident Alien (Green Card Holder). Do I need to make special Arrangements to attend the Code-a-thon?

A: Yes. Unfortunately due to the need to process a security form for Foreign Nationals who do not possess a Green Card we can no longer accept registrations from foreign nationals. Only US Citizens and Resident Aliens (Green Card Holders) can register from now until Wednesday March 30th.

Q: Is there an inexpensive hotel I can book?

A: Without knowing your budget it is difficult to recommend hotels but I suggest using or similar online service to find Hotels close to the Metro that fit your budget. Metro will be the easiest way to get around particularly on Thursday and Friday when the President is holding a Nuclear Summit in Washington DC.

Hotels near 1776DC include:
  •  The Westin
    1400 M Street Nw, Washington, DC 20005
  • The Madison
    1177 15th St. NW, Washington DC 20005
  • The Residence Inn
    1199 Vermont Avenue NW, Washington DC 20005

Both venues are Metro accessible on the same Blue/Silver/Orange lines. The nearest stations are.

  • Day 1: Federal Center South or L’Enfant Plaza
  • Day 2: McPherson Square or Faragut North
Inexpensive hotels may be found further out of Washington DC. If you find a hotel near a metro station, or with a metro shuttle, you can travel in on metro to the Code-a-thon.

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