Code around the Camp FHIR

Use Case: Get My Data

A typical use case for the CMS Blue Button API is for a third party application to use the API to:

  • Get the Patient Profile
  • Get all claims for the beneficiary using the ExplanationOfBenefit (EOB) Profile with a Patient Id filter
  • Get the latest claims for the beneficiary using the EOB┬áProfile with a Patient Id AND date filter.

The Blue Button API follows the FHIR specification with the following differences:

  • The Patient Profile will return the record associated with the logged in user, overriding any Patient Id provided.
  • The ExplanationOfBenefit Profile will perform a search and return a bundle of EOB resources using the Patient Id of the logged in user.

When a search returns a “Bundle” record a link element will provide the “next” and “previous” element that provides the url to use of get the next batch of records.

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