#Cinderblocks Partnership WITH Patients Summit | Health, Vitality and Technology

#Cinderblocks Partnership WITH Patients Summit | Health, Vitality and Technology.

This weekend, thanks to a generous travel scholarship, I am in Kansas City, MO at Cerner’s Educational Building for the Partnership With Patients Summit where we will be holding HealthCa.mp/KansasCity tomorrow.

This is a rare event. An event that is truly centered around and attended by Patients.

It is going to be a fascinating and exciting weekend. There are so many people here with fascinating stories and a passion to change heath care.

The Summit has been organized by Regina Holliday the unstoppable patient advocate and artist behind the Walking Gallery. Check out the details of the event here:http://reginaholliday.blogspot.com/2012/09/partnership-with-patients.html

The day kicks off with e-patientDave De Bronkart (@epatientdave)

Doctors Orders – an out of date paradigm.

Orders imply direction and not participation.

“Nothing about us without us”

“Trust yourself – you know more than you think” – Dr. Spock

In 2010 800,000 new medical articles were published. No Doctor can keep up. Doctors have to stop rolling their eyes and welcome the crowd sourcing of information that is brought to their attention by their patients.

It takes an average of 2-5 years for new research to reach the point of care. This can be lethal for people with terminal conditions.

No one has died from googling. Although I sometimes question if people have died from imitating stupid stunts thatve been published on Youube!

e-Patients are everywhere. It is a universal drive.

Who is responsible for managing your medical records? YOU ARE!

Hospitals and other Health Organizations are only required to maintain health records for a number of years. We tend to live longer than the document retention periods that hospitals and doctors have to comply with. So who is the only person with a vested interest in maintaining information about the treatments you have received?

Only You!



Hello Kansas City!

HealthCamp is coming to Kansas City as part of the Partnership with Patients summit. Mark your calendars for the weekend of September 21st -23rd. HealthCamp will cap off an exciting weekend at Cerner’s educational facility in Kansas City.

We are just in the planning stage so check out these pages regularly for updates.

Check out the HealthCamp Foundation home page for other HealthCamp information.