Be a Firestarter

What is a Firestarter Talk? 

It is a short presentation using FOUR slides that are presented in FOUR minutes.

The purpose is to excite the participants and get the conversation going. For the Data:Postluck we are looking for people and organizations with interesting and useful data sets to highlight their data and how it might be put to use.

The slides follow a standard pattern:
  • Slide 1: What is the problem/challenge
  • Slide 2: What are you doing to deal with the problem/challenge
  • Slide 3: What don’t you know / What did you discover / What do you need help with (you can cover any or all of these aspects)
  • Slide 4: Why did you take on this challenge (We have found so many entrepreneurs who are driven to address a health care problem by events that have impacted themselves, friends or family)
If you are featuring a data set your slides can follow this pattern:
  • Slide 1: What is your data set?
  • Slide 2: What problem were you addressing when you created the data set
  • Slide 3: How would you like to see your data set used or enhanced?
  • Slide 4: What feedback would you like to receive about the data set?
You may supply a cover slide that identifies:
  • Title of the presentation
  • Presenter’s Name and Organization
  • Contact information (eg. email address)
  • URL to slides (if posted on line eg. on Slideshare)
 The FOUR slides forming the presentation itself are to be presented in just FOUR minutes.
We allow ONE minute for audience questions during the changeover to the next presenter.
If there are more questions we encourage you and the participants to think about a potential break-out session during This breakout session can be proposed at the collaborative Agenda setting which follows the Firestarter talks.

When do Firestorm talks take place?

Firestarter talks take place as a One Hour slot immediately following the key note address. This is typically about 9:45am. The Firestarter talks precede the collaborative agenda setting. As a presenter they provide the opportunity to start conversations around topics that can be moved to break-out sessions when the agenda is created.

What can you put on the slides?

 You can include animation, video or audio – the only real hard and fast rule is the 4 minute time limit.

Do the slides have to be fancy or complex?

You can make the slides really simple. eg.
Slide 2 – PLAN,
Slide 4 – My story. You don’t have to explain or include all the bullet points on the slide, instead you can simply speak to the slide titles during your presentation.

What formats can you use for your presentation:

 You can provide your presentation in any of the following formats:
– PowerPoint
– Keynote
– Google Slides

When must slides be delivered?

  • You may email your slides to to arrive BEFORE the day of the event.
  • You may bring a thumb-drive with your presentation but please arrive early (Before 8:15am) so that your presentation can be loaded before the event starts.

 Who can give a Firestarter Talk?

 Firestarter talks are a feature that enables the innovative sponsors who are supporting to talk about the exciting innovations they are involved in. Priority will be given to sponsors for the available slots. If there are still slots available patient advocates and other participants may put forward a 4×4 talk.We are keeping the Firestorm talks to 1 ONE HOUR time slot.

Submissions for available Firestarter talk slots are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis after our sponsors have had offer of first refusal for a slot.


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