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HealthCamps happen because Innovative and Passionate organizations donate time, facilities and money to help us hold these one day camps. HealthCamps are structured to promote these Innovators and the entry point for sponsorship is set at as little as $100. This is a deliberate policy. We want to encourage even the youngest startup to get involved and benefit from the exposure of their brand alongside some of the most well known names in HealthCare.

We have made sponsorship easy. Just go to the Eventbrite ticket site ( and register at one of the sponsor levels that are available. We will contact you to get a copy of your logo and a URL address that you would like links on the HealthCampCT@Yale site to point to.

So come on, get involved. As a Director of one of the leading integrated health systems said to the team at Yale School of Nursing when asked for their views on HealthCamp Involvement:

“Get Involved – It will be the best decision you will make all year”

For more information check out @EkiveMark’s blog post here:

Call to all Health Innovators/Entrepreneurs Get involved with HealthCamp


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