Sponsors get to present a 4×4

We love our sponsors and because of that we give them a 4×4 presentation slot to tell a story that explains what sent them on this journey in Health Care.
What is a 4×4? 

It is a short presentation using 4 slides that are presented in 4 minutes.

You may supply a cover slide (in addition to the 4 slides) that identifies:
– Title of the presentation
– Presenter’s Name and Organization
– Contact information (eg. email address)
– URL to slides (if posted on line eg. on Slideshare)
The FOUR slides forming the presentation itself are to be presented in just FOUR minutes.
The slides follow a standard pattern:
Slide 1: What is the problem/challenge
Slide 2: What are you doing to deal with the problem/challenge
Slide 3: What don’t you know / What did you discover / What do you need help with (you can cover any or all of these aspects)
Slide 4: Why did you take on this challenge (We have found so many entrepreneurs who are driven to address a health care problem by events that have impacted themselves, friends or family)
Tip: Try to avoid treating this as a sales pitch. Instead think about telling a story. Why did you set out on this journey? Why is it important? You will find that an engaging approach will connect with the participants more effectively.
As the early sponsors of this event you will present in the main room. If we have more than 3 more sponsors sign up to present we will split in to two parallel tracks but you will stay in the main room.  A moderator will be assigned to each room. They will keep the presenters to their 4 minute time slot.
Presentations will be given back to back after which the Moderator will open up to questions from the other participants in the room. We expect this dialogue, where the presenters effectively form a panel to address the Q&A, will drive discussion and those discussions could form the basis of ongoing conversations that can be slotted in to the day’s agenda at the collaborative agenda setting that will immediately follow the 4×4 sessions.
If there is significant interest generated by your presentation we urge you to suggest a follow on discussion that you can put on to the day’s Agenda – which will be created by all of the participants immediately following the 4x4s.
We will keep the presentations and Q&A to a one hour time slot. We aim to start the 4×4 session around 9:45am.

What can you put on the slides?
You can include animation, video or audio – the only real hard and fast rule is the 4 minute time limit.

Do the slides have to be fancy or complex?
No – You can make the slides really simple. eg. Slide 1 – PROBLEM STATEMENT, Slide 2 – PLAN, Slide 3 – LESSONS LEARNED, Slide 4 – My story.
You don’t have to explain or include all the bullet points on the slide, instead you can simply speak to the slide titles during your presentation.

What formats can you use for your presentation:
You can provide your presentation in any of the following formats:
– PowerPoint
– Keynote
After HealthCampBoston we will be converting all slide decks to PDF and publishing on the HealthCa.mp/Boston site.
We also hope to capture video of each presentation which we will post to YouTube and link to on the HealthCa.mp/Boston site.
When must slides be delivered?
– We need to receive a copy of your finished slides by 9am on Thursday September 13th. This will allow us time to group slides in to sets for each room/theme.
Where do I deliver the slides?
Email them to Mark [AT] HealthCa.mp
 Who is giving a 4×4?
The 4x4s are a feature that enables the innovative sponsors who are supporting HealthCa.mp/Boston to talk about the exciting innovations they are involved in. Priority will be given to sponsors for the available 4×4 slots. If there are still slots available patient advocates may put forward 4x4s to present.

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