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M-health and Digital Health: Carrots or Sticks in Patient Engagement

March 09, 2014 By: ekivemark Category: News

On Monday March 10th, 2014 Mark Scrimshire will be participating in a panel on M-Health and Digital Health. The discussion will centre around the challenges of developing a patient-centric technology strategy that works for everyone, the possible positive impact on healthcare outcomes and patient satisfaction as well as managing the unintended consequences and responses of insurers.

The Panel is being hosted by Sapient in Arlington, VA and has been organized by the Johns Hopkins Alumni Association Federal Government Affinity Group.

Carrot or Stick

The Carrot or The Stick in Patient Engagement

New HealthCamps on the Horizon?

June 21, 2011 By: ekivemark Category: News

HealthCamp keeps growing. Today (June 21, 2011) A planning team will be discussing The Los Angeles HealthCamp, which is being supported by Kaiser Permanente, is being planned for November. Originally it was targeted for July. will have a different focus. We are looking to build a stronger connection with diet and exercise as a route to vitality and well being. It should be a fascinating event. Watch out for details. is taking shape. It also happens in November on the 5th. A team at Arizona State University in Phoenix are busy putting the event together.

The next HealthCamp is HealthCampFlorida, taking place in Tampa, FL on Saturday July 30th. We may also have a HealthCamp happening the same day in Portland, Oregon as an adjunct to O’Reilly Media’s OSCON Conference. Watch out for developments at

HealthCampSFBay is on the Schedule for Friday September 23rd. Sponsor tickets and Friend of HealthCamp tickets are already available. If you plan to be in San Francisco for Health Innovation Week and the Health 2.0 Conference then grab your ticket for HealthCampSFBay today. Once again the event is hosted at the Kaiser Permanente Sidney R Garfield Innovation Center in San Leandro, CA.

There is also a possibility of a HealthCamp happening in the UK this year. Details are still in the works. Watch out for news on that front!